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How Much Do You Know About Your Chakras

I often have clients asking me about chakras what they are and how they work and their importance to our every day lives, so l have decided to share some of this information in my blog if chakras are your thing and you want to know more about them why not enrol in my online chakra course it will teach you all about chakra and how to open cleanse and align them, check out my Spiritual Coaching online school on my website for my Chakra course, or purchase my Chakra e-book, or just tune in to my next fortnightly blog, to get a little better understanding about your Sacral chakra.

Root Chakra Symbol, Colour, Attributes

The root chakra is symbolized by a red lotus with four petals, these four petals represent the birth of human consciousness, and signify the four central aspects for the human psyche (mind

intellect consciousness and ego). Its worldly element is the earth which symbolises safety, survival, grounding, and nourishment. As for its verb and mantra, these are “NONE” instead of chanting total silence is what works best. The root chakra’s aim is to provide a stable structure for all the other chakras to rest on, it’s our grounding force it keeps us rooted in earlier experiences which helps us with identity as well as giving us a sense of belonging. In simple language, it about family dynamics and the need to feel safe supported and provided for.

Physical Signs

Physical signs that may point to an abnormally functioning Root Chakra, are from the lower body and are generally issues that relate to the digestive tract such as ailments of the colon, resulting in irritable bowel syndrome, frequent constipation,

haemorrhoids, anal fissures or colitis. Or problems with the lower back like sciatica, lower back pain,  or kidney and bladder problems which may cause further back pain problems. Other issues may include problems with the prostate, bone diseases, anaemia, or even fluctuating blood pressure.

 Emotional and Mental Issues

The Emotional and Mental issues that can point to abnormal functioning of the Root Chakra, are fear powerlessness, depression, lack of trust,

searching for a sanctuary or becoming attached to people who project a sense of security. This semi-closure and imbalance can result in a feeling of hopelessness, stress and anxiety of varying degrees, lack of self-worth self-motivation and self-respect.

 Spiritual Aspects

Spiritual aspects of the Root chakra are its life energy and its source of life power, that’s uplifting, it helps open and awaken our spiritual awareness and zest for life self preservation and a connection with earth and nature.

However our ego-self and negative

aspects can unbalance the root chakra allowing thoughts of fears anger and resentment to creep in, these can risk behavioural and thought issues such as existential dread, self-absorbedness, narcissism, slowness and or laziness. These negative traits can cause our spiritual energy levels to fall, making it harder to communicate with the spirit world.

Jan Maunder

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