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Three Mistakes People Make When Trying To Contact Spirit

In this blog post l will take you through three mistakes l know l had made when l first started contacting spirit, and l still sometimes make these mistakes now if l don’t stop and centre myself before contacting my spirit team. It’s was not until l started writing this Three Mistakes blog post, that l realise the mistake l will be talking about l have already slightly touched on in my first blog post (7 things you probably didn’t know about contacting spirit) and my second blog post (How I came to teach spiritual skills), so if you have read these posts you will already have a brief idea of where l am coming from. And if you haven’t read my previous two posts feel free to take a look at them.


Mistake no 1:  Not being in the right emotional headspace when trying to connect with spirit.


When we want to connect or work with Spirit, we need to raise over energy vibrations to a much higher level than they normally sit at. This is because Humans and all living things are on the third-dimensional plane, whereas Spiritual beings like our guardian angels, angels archangels and other spiritual beings reside on the fourth and fifth-dimensional plane, these dimensional plane are so high, us mortals can not reside on them for a few fleeting seconds.  And only those mortals like Mother Theresa or the Dalelama are likely to have gained the spiritual wisdom and enlightenment to have visited the fourth and fifth dimensions.


For us mere mortals to raise our vibrational energy levels, we need to be in the right headspace, and free from negative energy as much as possible, thus trying to connect with spirit when your feeling anxious stressed or in a negative moon, will not help raise your energy vibrations instead it will lower them even more, making it virtually impossible to connect with spirit.


The best time to try and connect with spirit when your first starting out is during meditation when your mind is relaxed and you are more susceptible to picking up the subtle little clues spirit gives out, such as smells, colours, feelings, or a six sense. The smell could be a faint aroma you recognise that’s related to a memory or a person, or you might see the image of a colour or colour comes into your mind  for not reason. You might suddenly feel happy, sad or anxious for no reason, or you might just know something and not know why you know it.


Mistake No 2: Not giving your permission for spirit to be able to help you.


When you are trying to connect with Spirit, you have to give them your permission to help and support you, without your permission, they are unable to come forward and give you the help they want and are longing to give you. You are probably asking yourself at this moment, if spirit knows l need support and guidance why do l need to ask them, when they know l need and want their help.


Well sorry, it doesn’t work that way. It’s all to do with FREE WILL. Let just say spirit sees you struggling to solve a work issue, such as finding the time to have lunch and finish the work you need to get done by the end of the day. Spirit could jump in and either offload some of the work for you or get someone to bring you lunch. Sounds like a simple solution. Nah sorry you if they did either of those things without you asking them to do them, they could very well be stopping you from learning a lesson your soul wants you to learn, such as time management or management of stressful situations. Spirit can not interfere with our free will, because if they do we might not learn the soul lessons that we had planned for ourselves before we were born into the family life we selected.


Mistake No 3: Not having the time to listen hear and feel Spirit.


The worst time to contact or try and connect with spirit is when you are up to my eyes in work, be it housework, shopping, your job, or looking after the family. This is not the time to try and connect with spirit, how can you possibly pick up on their subtle signs or clues that they have answered your request for help or guidance.  You have to make time for spirit just like they make time for us, we need to show them respect and gratitude for their help.


If you are rushing around all the time and not making time to stop listen and pay attention to the world around you, you are not only going to miss important clues from spirit you are also going to miss the beauty of the world around you. So stop smell the roses, watch the bees buzzing from one flower to the next, listen to the birds singing and chirping away in the trees, the clouds rolling around the sky, or the smell and sound of the rain as it falls.


I hope you have enjoyed my short take on Mistakes People Make When Trying To Contact Spirit


If your want to know more about making life easy where spirit is concerned check out my online Spiritual Coaching courses  here https://spiritual-coaching.newzenler.com/courses


Blessings Jan



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