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How I Came To Teach Spiritual Coaching Courses

How l came to teach spiritual coaching course

In my work as a holistic healer, l kept getting asked by my clients and other like-minded people l knew, how l contact spirit” or how do l know it’s spirit communicating with me and not my imagination of my ego.

I found some of my clients were desperate to change their lives, and wanted to find a way of accepting and work with their spiritual gifts, but didn’t know how to connect and work with spirit. The way these clients were feeling and the questions they were asking, was the same feelings and questions l had asked myself many years ago when l first started out wanting to know more about spirit and how to work with them. And the same fifty million dollar question of Am l On the Right Path.

For me personally learning the answer to the above questions opened up a desire for more knowledge, l also noticed that the more l learned, the happier and easier my life became, problems that had taken me years to solve or find a suitable solution for, either didn’t seem so important or were resolved with the outcome l had wished for.

I wanted my clients to feel the enjoyment and frill of working with beings in the spiritual realm, to be able to meet and connect with their guardian angel and guides and to experience the shear pleasure of work with the Archangel. I also wanted to be apart of their spiritual awakening, to be a facilitator of the knowledge l had learned.

I found myself writing down all my experiences l had had with the spirit in a journal, this journal soon turned into an e-books. Then l found myself writing more e-books from my knowledge of different areas of spiritual healing and working with the angels, archangels and other spiritual beings as wells as working with crystals, chakras and auras.

From creating my e-books, my online Spiritual Coaching Courses were born, thanks to an advert by Zenler in the e-book creator l was using. I set up my online Spiritual Coaching course site in zenler in no time, it was so user friendly and easy to follow the instructions in the zenler learning modules, that it spurred me on to start developing my first course.

I sent my e-books to friends and family to see what they though of them, and got back great feed back and lots of questions about information l had put in the e-books and some information l had not included, l found myself answering all the questions asked with no problems at all. It was only then that l realised just how much knowledge l had gathered about working with spirit and spiritual healing, and how much experience l had gained and the different types of skills l had acquired.

I  asked friends and clients whom l know were spiritual likeminded, a few question to find out what would help them move forward on their spiritual journey, and what spiritual areas they needed help support or guidance with.

My questions were (1) How easy do you find it to connect with spirit. (2) What kind of spiritual protection do you put round you.  (3) How do you build your spiritual energy. (4) Do you know who your guardian angel is and who your guides are. (5) Do your know which of the Clair senses you have and which one is the most dominate. (6) Do you know how to raise your spiritual vibrational energies. (7) Do you know what a vision board is and have you used one. (8) How easy do you find it to meditate. (9) What spiritual tools have you used and which ones would you like to learn. (10) If you could improve one spiritual skill what would it be?

The answers l got back from my questions, told me that l had all the information and skills that my friends and clients were looking for. It gave me a plan of how l could structure my courses and the type of content l needed to include. My training to become a nurse many moons ago had given me the skills and knowledge l would need to ensure l took into account the different types of learning styles l would need to incorporate into my courses.

The main reason l started teaching Spiritual skills was that if l didn’t take a chance and build my online Spiritual Coaching courses l wouldn’t be moving my life forward in the direction l wanted to go,  and l wouldn’t be teaching other people about a subject close to my heart. Plus l am a firm believer in the saying ‘Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, if your have and your want to know more information please check out my online courses at https://spiritual-coaching.new…


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