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Weeding Out the Negativity


Ever heard of an energy vampire, are you being drained by one. It’s that person that always comes to you with their problems regardless of whether or not you want to listen to them.


It’s the complainer that always seems to knock you out of your positive mood, straight into their negative frame of mind.


It’s that person that takes pleasure in putting you down, finding fault and belittling you, especially around others.


It’s that person that allows you to do everything for them, even when they could do it themselves.


These are all energy vampires of one form or another, that can drain you of your energy, leaving you feeling flat, joyless, out of salts and even physically and/or mentally ill.


I am sure most if not all of us could think of at least one energy vampire in our lives. So how can we stop them draining us? It’s actually easier than you think, you won’t have to banish them, gage them, or even move to the other side of the world.


All you need to do is place an invisible shield of protection around you. Just imagine you are inside a big human size balloon that filled with love and positive energy. All the time you are inside your protection balloon the energy vampire cannot feed off your positive energy, it really is that simple.

 So, the next time you are around someone that leaves you feeling washed out, flat, joyless, emotionally or physically drained, step into your imaginary balloon and fill it with love peace and joy.


If you want to know more about protecting your energy see my Spiritual Coaching Energy course Home Page (newzenler.com)

Jan Maunder


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    Nice read

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