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Find a Use For Those Dusty Crystals

How many of us have a huge collection of crystals stuck in a draw, or haphazardly put together as some kind of display on a shelf or in the centre of a table. Why !!!!!!! those crystals are crying out to be used to their full potential, they would love to be placed in one of your pockets or around your neck and even held in your hands for a time. They don’t want to be sat collecting dust, disregarded mostly forgot till their brilliance and beauty finally catch someone’s eye. They want to be used recharged with fabulous positive energy, they want to become your healing tool, for yourself, your friends, whanau and loved ones. So please take them out of the draw or wherever they are currently residing and give them a much-deserved cleansing recharging and start using them. And if you don’t know how to cleanse recharge and use them please feel free to open the enclosed link to my Spiritual Coaching Crystals e-book https://book.designrr.co/?id=28445&token=627215698

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Jan Maunder

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