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Declutter your home to declutter your Life

Creating the right space for spirit is important for both you and them, it needs to be a space that is tidy peaceful and relaxing. This space might be the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom if that's the only place in the home where you can relax and have some alone time. I would avoid the bedroom unless you are experienced and can push them away so you can sleep. When you have chosen your space, sit in it for a few mins look around the...

New Book Release

Check out my new e-book all about decluttering your home, office and your life.   But first here is a little bit about me and why l think my new e-book and my Spiritual Coaching Online Courses could help you.   Hello, I'm Jan a spiritual psychic medium clairvoyant and healer, over the past 20 years l have been involved in helping with healing as a registered nurse and a holistic healer. My psychic gifts have allowed me to help countless people l have come into contact with, either with helping them...

Find a Use For Those Dusty Crystals

How many of us have a huge collection of crystals stuck in a draw, or haphazardly put together as some kind of display on a shelf or in the centre of a table. Why !!!!!!! those crystals are crying out to be used to their full potential, they would love to be placed in one of your pockets or around your neck and even held in your hands for a time. They don't want to be sat collecting dust, disregarded mostly forgot till their brilliance and beauty finally...