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5 Thing’s You Never Knew About Connecting With Spirit

Desperate to connect with your spirit team but don’t know where to start? This blog will highlight 5 things you never knew or just plain forgot about how to raise your vibrational energy levels sufficiently to pick up the subtle messages or clues that spirit leaves in answer to our prayers or wishes.   1: Did you know everything is made up of energy from the smallest minute atom to the whole of the universe, it’s everywhere and affects everything. One of the biggest things about energy is it can...

Therapeutic Angel Winter Newsletter

Have you checked out Therapeutic Angels latest newletter if not have a read of these short extracts of the topics that have been covered in the Winter edition.   What’s New With Therapeutic Angel:  I have been as busy as a bee this past few months writing lots of interesting articles for my new blog section on Therapeutic angel’s website, if you haven't already checked it out head on over and take a look just go to the home page and scroll down to my blog posts. There you will...