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How I Came To Teach Spiritual Coaching Courses

How l came to teach spiritual coaching course In my work as a holistic healer, l kept getting asked by my clients and other like-minded people l knew, how l contact spirit” or how do l know it’s spirit communicating with me and not my imagination of my ego. I found some of my clients were desperate to change their lives, and wanted to find a way of accepting and work with their spiritual gifts, but didn’t know how to connect and work with spirit. The way these clients were...


Weeding Out the Negativity   Ever heard of an energy vampire, are you being drained by one. It’s that person that always comes to you with their problems regardless of whether or not you want to listen to them.   It’s the complainer that always seems to knock you out of your positive mood, straight into their negative frame of mind.   It’s that person that takes pleasure in putting you down, finding fault and belittling you, especially around others.   It’s that person that allows you to do everything for them, even when they could...