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5 Thing’s You Never Knew About Connecting With Spirit

Desperate to connect with your spirit team but don’t know where to start? This blog will highlight 5 things you never knew or just plain forgot about how to raise your vibrational energy levels sufficiently to pick up the subtle messages or clues that spirit leaves in answer to our prayers or wishes.


1: Did you know everything is made up of energy from the smallest minute atom to the whole of the universe, it’s everywhere and affects everything. One of the biggest things about energy is it can have a huge effect on our thoughts emotions and physical well-being. And don’t forget energy works on similar lines to that of the law of attraction, ‘like attracts like’ Thus negative energy will attract negative energy, which will result in lowering of our spiritual vibrational energy.


2: Did you know our third-dimensional body vibrates at a much lower frequency than that of spirit. Spirit beings are like time, they have no solid form they move from the past to the present and the future their energy vibrations are at such a high frequency, we mortals have difficulty staying or even reaching their level. The closest we can come to glimpse the spirit realm is in our dreams or during very deep meditation. It’s at these brain lowering times that spirit might attempt to connect with us, it will only be for a fleeting second if that. This is why we need to try and raise our energy vibrations as high as possible.


3: Did you know every thought we send out has a specific vibrational energy frequency, which spirit guides and angels, pick up. The thought vibrations we’re sending out, act like messages, that tells the spirit guides and angels what we like or desire. The angels pick up these vibration messages and feed us back more of the same kind of vibrational energy. Now you know how thought vibrations work. Here is another fact about energy, and that is that negative energy has lower vibrational energy than positive energy. Now l want you to consider a fact l mentioned in the first thing you never knew statement. And that is that ‘like attracts like.’ Put that together, with the above statement that ‘angels feedback the same kind of energy we send out. It’s hardly surprising that when we are in a low emotional or physical state, we feel we can’t see any way forward.


4: Did you know mother earth is the greatest provider of spiritual energy, not only does she give us the trees that help clean the air we breathe and house the birds and other creatures and an array of different shrubs herbs and flowers she also provides us with beautiful precious gems stones and crystals that are blessed with spiritual and healing properties, they have been used for centuries as spiritual talismans that were worn to ward off evil spirits, to help the sick get well, or rid the body of benevolent spirits. Nowadays crystals are used for healing and for collecting negative energy from objects people and places.


5: Did you know some humans act as energy vampires, they literally suck the energy out of you, these people can be your work colleagues family member and even your partner. I am sure we have all come across people that feed on our energy, they treat you like a tap that can be turned on whenever they have a problem or want someone to sound off to, you find yourself constantly listen to what they have to say regardless of whether or not you want to hear it or even agree with it. We need to avoid these people like the plague because they will lower our vibration and hold us back, remember if you want to develop spiritual and psychic skills you need to raise your vibrational energy levels higher and higher, not have them sapped and lowered.


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